DashClock Update Introduces Calendar Locations, Shortcut to Get More Extensions, and Calendar Visibility

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Yes, another DashClock post. The coverage, I’m sure can be nauseating, especially to those that don’t have lock screen widget access, but this app really is that good. It’s quite the simple idea, yet has been executed so precisely that it’s an app we can’t help but watch constantly. With our favorite apps receiving support for it on the regular, DashClock is here to stay, folks.

In today’s update, we get the power to choose which calendars to show events from on the lock screen. We also get to see the location of our next appointment, something I guess I didn’t realize was missing, but do greatly appreciate. Creator and Android engineer Roman Nurik also tossed in a shortcut to help you find new extensions for his popular app. Go get it! And yes, it’s still free. 

Full changelog:

  • NEW! Choose which calendars to show events from
  • NEW! See the location of your next appointment
  • NEW! Quick access to Google Play search for “DashClock Extension”
  • NEW! New translations for Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional)
  • Improved clock clipping on smaller devices
  • Improved accessibility for vision-impaired users
  • Fixed some crashes

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