HTC Continues to Tease the ONE, Can We Confirm Its Design Now?

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Through their social media accounts, HTC has been posting up videos and pictures everyday of their upcoming HTC ONE device, previously known as the M7. For me, I enjoy these games that they play as it’s just a way to look deeper into images and see if we can take anything from them. The one they just posted on their official Twitter account, pretty much confirms the design that we will see on February 19, at least in my opinion. 

In the eye, we see the date 2/19/13, but it’s the bright spot in the middle and the white blur in the bottom right of that which I am concerned with. To me, the white blur sure does resemble the same design we have been looking at for the past week or so.

As for the bright part, Kellex said it looks like a circuit board or some type of processor part, but as for me, I’m always down to get a little wild. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw those colors was something you would see if you took a closeup of a butterfly’s wing. HTC did have a device called the J Butterfly, but of course, this is me having fun. What the J Butterfly would have to do with this device, I have no idea.

Luckily, we will finally know what we are getting next week. I know some people’s interest has dropped on this phone, but I’m still excited. Never dismiss a company’s next flagship.

Think you spot anything I missed?




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