MoviePass Launches Android App – $30 Monthly Subscription Gets You Unlimited Movie Goings (Update)

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If you are an avid fan of heading to your local movie theater and seeing a new flick, then check out MoviePass. We all know that the cost of seeing a new movie has gone up like crazy over the last few years, but MoviePass could be a solution if you end up going to see a new movie at least a few times each month. 

The service has a monthly subscription fee of $30, but with that, you can go to any theater that accepts a credit card and see unlimited movies for an unlimited amount of time. No blackouts, no exceptions. It will be as if the theater is your playground.

Anyways, the service has been around and they are currently issuing invites to join. Now that there is an Android app, checking in to theaters and seeing what movies are showing around you is even easier. If you are a member or you want to sign up, go grab the app in Google Play.

Update: After reading one beta user’s comments down below, I went to check out the Terms of Service for MoviePass and read through the fine print. The service allows for the viewing of one movie a day, every day of the month. This excludes 3D, IMAX, etc. Here is a chunk from their ToS.

27.2. A valid MoviePass subscription entitles you to: (1) see one 2D film per calendar day through MoviePass; (2) see a 2D film title one time through MoviePass; and (3) a single seat, depending on availability, for a 2D film showing open to the general public. This excludes premium showings such as: 3D films, IMAX, 4D, XD and specialty theaters. MoviePass access is available every day of the week, subject to the theater being open, inventory, and usage.

Also, MoviePass does have quite high subscription cancellation fees.

After the first month, the subscriber will be liable for cancellation fees based on the number of months their account has been active:

(i) If account is cancelled within months 2 or 3, cancellation fees are $75

(ii) If account is cancelled within months 4, 5 or 6, cancellation fees are $60

(iii) If account is cancelled within months 7, 8 or 9, cancellation fees are $40

(iv) If account is cancelled within months 10 or 11, cancellation fees are $20

This information doesn’t make the service bad by any means, but we want to make sure everyone knows what they could be possibly signing up for.

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