Nexus Q Back From the Dead Already, CyanogenMod Releases First Nightly Build

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google nexus q

After what seemed like an apparent last call for the Nexus Q¬†from Google, the CyanogenMod team pulled a Pet Sematary and have brought new life to the orb. But is it true that sometimes, dead is better? The nightly build for the device, codenamed steelhead, brings the Nexus Q to Android 4.2.1 and adds actual use for the device such as access to apps and things of that nature. Why Google didn’t do this in the first place is still beyond us.¬†

If you own one of these devices, hit the link below and get to hacking. As for my Nexus Q, I am about to hit the forums and figure out how to get it up and running so we can possibly do a hands-on video. That would be fun, right?

Via: CyanogenMod



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