Google Looking to Replace Head of Mergers and Acquisitions?

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We can’t get through a full week of working it seems that we don’t hear about another purchase by Google. Whether it’s a high profile buyout like they finished up with Motorola, or a smaller snatch up like they did with Snapseed, they tend to always directly relate to Android or some other product Google is working on or has future plans with. Today, sources close to the matter say that Google is to replace their head of mergers and acquisitions with their top internal lawyer, Don Harrison. 

The man that has been in charge of over 70 deals of Google’s has been David Lawee, but there is no confirmation from Google as to why the change is happening. From what is being reported, it looks as though Lawee will be placed in an investment group that could work closely, but separately from Google Ventures.

Whatever is taking place, good luck to you, gentleman.

Via: Electronista



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