Tuesday Poll: By the End of 2012, Which Phone Will You Own?

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Over the last several of months, we have seen more high-end phones announced than in any time period I can recall over the past couple of years. Samsung started things off by releasing the Galaxy S3 and will follow that up with the Galaxy Note 2. Motorola dropped the RAZR M and RAZR HD on us. LG and Google gave us the Nexus 4. And finally,¬†HTC is preparing to sell the DROID DNA, the world’s first 1080p phone.

So my question today is, which of these phones are you going to own by the end of this year? We know that many of you are planning to upgrade to something in the coming weeks or during the holidays. What will it be? And if you don’t plan on picking up one of these new ones, feel free to choose “Other” and then let us know in the comments. We also included the Galaxy Nexus because I know that many of you aren’t ready to give it up yet.

By the End of 2012, Which Phone Will You Own?

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