Google Fiber Goes Live in Kansas City, Delivering 700Mbps Downloads On Day One

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It’s a beautiful day in the Fiberhood, it’s a beautiful day for Fiber! Yesterday, Google flipped the switch on Google Fiber in Kansas City, Kansas. Needless to say, the DL offices are in the middle of packing and getting ready to move on out for the crazy high download and upload speeds that have hit the Midwest. The first to get Fiber were some local start-up businesses that are reporting 700Mbps downloads, faster than any other ISP’s speeds, by over 100x.

If this is the first you are hearing of Fiber, allow me to catch you up. Google is lining the streets of Kansas City with fiber optic cable, which for a price, is then wired to your house. Early adopters are receiving very good pricing, as for just $120/month on a two-year contract, Google gives you 1Gbps download/upload speeds, a TV box with full channel lineup, a network box, 1TB of Google Drive space, a DVR box, and a Nexus 7 tablet to control it all. From there, the plans get cheaper, but all still offer the 1Gbps Internet speeds.

Naturally, everyone wants this to be in their town. I wouldn’t hold your breath though, as Google has given no word or even hinted that they’re looking to start thinking about bringing this to other parts of the country.

Congrats, Kansas.

Via: Fox4

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