Instagram Introduces Web-Based Service, Now What Will iOS Users Complain About?

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Remember the great day it was when iOS users were up in arms over the release of their favorite application to Android? To sum it up, they were pretty much pissed. Today, I think it’s safe to say that they have grown to accept our enormous presence. Thanks, iOS fans! Big news from the Instagram camp today though, as they have announced that every single one of their users is getting a web-based profile that bares a striking resemblance to Facebook. 

With the profiles, users can do everything they can online through their computers that they could through their phones, except for actually uploading and editing photos. Through the web you’ll be able to “like” pictures, comment on other’s photos, and edit your profile. Not bad. The profiles will go live within the next few days if yours hasn’t already.

To see your profile, simply go to”yourusername.” Pretty neat, right?

Via: TechCrunch | Instagram



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