Google’s New Nexus 7 Commercial Turns a Rooftop Into a Life Sized Aquarium

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Google published a new commercial over the weekend for their Nexus 7 tablet, one that continues their theme of using the tablet in your daily life to be creative and have fun with friends and family. It starts off with a girl listening to the Life Aquatic soundtrack, which then leads to a group of friends creating a life sized aquarium atop one of their roofs. It’s clever, to say the least. Much more clever than playing Chopsticks on a couple of iPads.

For whatever reason, this commercial has been set to “Private” through the Google Nexus YouTube account.

Update:  As at least one reader pointed out, the commercial has likely been set to private because of the timing. With the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy still affecting much of the east coast, including New York City, showing a building in the city with an aquarium on top might not be in the best of taste.



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