Tegra-Enhanced Crazy Machines Hits Android, Lets You Live Your Inner Rube Goldberg

One of the benefits of having a NVIDIA Tegra 3 device, other than the awesome performance, is the games that come optimized for it. The latest to be released is the game Crazy Machines Golden Gears. This game gives you a simple objective and lets you go crazy with how to make that happen. Want a teapot to power a pinwheel to drag your machine across the screen? Sounds good to us. 

The game is free, and comes with 42 different challenges for you to overcome in any way that you like. You have 60 items in your toolbox to work with, so there is certainly a lot of room for creativity here on how each level will play out and how you will use each item. If you’re feeling like engineering some crazy machines, hit the download link below.

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