Video: Need 50 Reasons Why Your Galaxy S3 is Better Than the New iPhone?

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Whether we want to or not, many of us find ourselves having to justify our decision to buy an Android device over Apple’s new iPhone 5. Now, we aren’t into device bashing (we promise) and we think there’s room in this world for everybody’s opinions, but we thought it would be good for all of our Galaxy S3 owners to be equipped for their next battle. 

The Galaxy S3 features many unique things that the iPhone does not – NFC technology, expandable memory, removable battery, and you can even throw in that we have a dedicated Google Maps app. Burn. Below is a video listing out a total of 50 things that the SGS3 has that the iPhone 5 does not.

Go study and the next time an Android hater comes knocking, you’ll be ready.

Via: Phone Buff



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