Zaxxon Escape Released for Android – 30 Years Later and It’s Still Great

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I will admit that I wasn’t around in 1982 and given that information, you will allow me to be somewhat ignorant on what the hit games of the day were. From what I hear, Zaxxon was pretty popular in those things they call “arcades” and today, Zaxxon is back! With a completely¬†re-imagined look, it reminds me of Temple Run, but in space. You’re flying down this corridor and as you come upon turns you swipe the screen to go different directions, shoot your laser cannons to collect points, and above all else, don’t crash.

The game is $0.99 and offers 30 different objectives for you to complete. Definitely a good way to blow some extra time you may have. And hey, if you were around to enjoy the original Zaxxon, tell me how this one compares. Would love to hear a good story.

Play Link ($0.99)


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