Lockitron Aims to Manage Your Home Door Locks From Anywhere in the World

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Are you ready for the future of home door locks? Lockitron is introducing a new WiFi front door lock system that should work seamlessly with your existing front door lock, turning it into a home security system that can be managed from anywhere in the world via phone. Unlike other tech-inspired locks, this doesn’t replace your lock, it simply slips over top of it and is then managed through an Android app or web interface. 

Once installed, you can use your Android smartphone (or any mobile phone for that matter) to unlock your door easily through an app or via text message. You can manage users who have access to it, specify a time for those users to have access, maintain that list of users via web interface, unlock or lock using that same interface, or use Bluetooth 4.0 at your door, so that you don’t even have to take your phone out. The Lockitron app will even notify you if someone has knocked on your door, thanks to a sensor inside. Oh, it does NFC too.

This new Lockitron is not out yet, but you can reserve one today for $149. This reservation means you will be a part of the first batch to go out in March 2013. So you know, you aren’t charged the $149 today, but are instead holding a spot in line. It comes in 3 color variations, so hopefully one will match your current decor.

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