Google Maps Update Includes Better Search Syncing From Browser to Phone (Updated)

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A Google Maps update will be arriving shortly on your Android device. Once updated, your location searches from your PC browser will sync seamlessly with your mobile device at a faster pace, so that you can find info you’ve searched for in the past or even moments ago. All you have to do is sign into Google Maps and make sure your web history is enabled to get these new search and directions histories. 

To see more history with this new feature set, you can go into the “Search” or “Directions” tab under My Places. Under these sections, previous places and businesses that you searched for will show up as suggestions to save you time and energy.

For those not on Google Now, you can also set “Home” and “Work” locations so that you can quickly find directions from whichever dark alley you have wandered down. I mention Google Now because it suggests directions to work or home automatically, but this should make the feature essentially available to everyone.

Update:  The update is live in the Play store! They also tossed in a cool new single-handed zoom. Double tap with a finger, hold and drag your finger.

Via:  Google Lat Long (It’s live now!)



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