Amazon Changing the Game With 4G LTE Powered Kindle Fire HD and Its $50 Per Year Data Package

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Amazon put on quite the show today in California, announcing multiple Kindle devices, one of which may change the game. The 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD with 32GB of storage and 4G LTE at $499 is something we need to talk about for a minute. And we need to talk about it because of this ridiculously cheap data package that Amazon is willing to sell to those that buy the device. 

For $50 per year (not month, year), owners of the 4G LTE Kindle Fire HD can use up to 250MB of data each month. They have partnered with AT&T for the LTE connection, but since the device has a 10-band modem inside, you can fall back to the fastest 3G connection available should you leave to an area that doesn’t have LTE. If you need more data than that, then you can go directly to AT&T and buy bigger 3GB ($30) and 5GB ($50) plans at whatever price AT&T charges these days.

Along with this affordable data plan, owners of the Fire HD will also get 20GB of Amazon Cloud storage and a $10 Appstore credit.

Amazon is willing to point out that this will save users over $400 per year when compared to those that own a similarly priced iPad with an LTE data package.

Is anyone else’s mind blown like mine is? We are talking dirt cheap data in a time when carriers want to clean out your wallet for even a minimal amount of data. Verizon and AT&T are pushing shared data plans because they understand that data is a goldmine, yet here we are with Amazon, practically giving it away.



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