Blogging and Android: The Tools I Can’t Live Without [My Life Scoop]

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In the last post of my series over at Intel’s My Life Scoop site, I went away from simply talking about apps and Android. Since MLS is a tech site that wants tips and tricks for life, I decided to focus a bit more on the profession that I’m so lucky to be a part of, and that’s “blogging” or online journalism. It’s basically a walk-through of my daily setup of tools, gadgets, and travel gear. Whether I’m sitting at my desk or on-the-go to a mobile event, this is the stuff that helps keep Droid Life up and running so that you won’t miss any of the major stories that come across the wire.

In the post, I talk about how Chrome can power an entire business from anywhere in the globe. I also discuss the phone(s) that I use on a daily basis. If you didn’t know already, it’s still a Galaxy Nexus (both GSM and LTE) probably 80% of the time. Even with the sub-par camera and the release of mega-powerhouses like the One X and Galaxy S3, I still find reasons to go back to a Nexus. You will even find out the camera I use to take pictures of phones with, the bags I use during travel, and some of the other fun accessories that I can’t live without.

To check out the entire post, head over to My Life Scoop.

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