Official WWE Application Lands on Google Play, All the Smackdown You Will Ever Need

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Are you a huge WWE wrestling fan? Do you count the days between Monday night RAW and Friday night Smackdown? Have you ever given your boss the Attitude Adjustment for making you come into work on Saturday? Today is your lucky day then, the official WWE application just landed in the Play Store. A search for “WWE” brings up thousands of fan-made applications but the real deal is now here and brings you all the wrestling you could ever want.

The app features full Superstar pages for all of your favorite wrestlers and a video archive that is bigger than the Big Show. “Thousands” of videos, new and old, all there to keep you busy during the time between RAW and Smackdown. The app even has a companion mode that is activated when you’re watching the show live on Television. If you keep up with the WWE you have to check it out.

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