Discover Makes Use of Google Wallet’s New APIs, A Step in the Right Direction?

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To say that Google Wallet has had a rough beginning would be a bit of an understatement. However, Google is looking to reboot the service and get more people using NFC transactions with their Android devices. A few weeks ago, Google launched a system allowing you to use any card number with Google Wallet, along with a few new APIs for companies to use. Discover has taken advantage of the “Save to Wallet” API and now wants you to add your card and start spending.

The process is as easy as heading to Discover’s website, signing into your Discover and then Google Account and that’s it, your card is added. You can now rack up points by using the card through NFC and Discover was even nice enough to allow Google to use an image of their card on Google Wallet so you can identify which card you are using. Hopefully we will see more companies jumping on the Google Wallet train and making the switch this easy.

Via: Google Commerce



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