AOKP Gives State of the Union, Official Jelly Bean Build Coming ‘Soon’

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Things have been a little quiet on the AOKP front, but yesterday the group took to Google+ to assure their fans that they have not disappeared and that things were coming on the horizon. First things first, the team addressed the issue of their next official build of AOKP, based on Jelly Bean:

First, a ‘build’ is coming.  We’re getting very close to an official, non-nightly JB build.  Just throwing that out there with no ETA to let you know that it is a real thing that will happen, pretty soon.

“Pretty soon” sounds good to us, so we will sit tight and wait using their nightlies until things get more official. Secondly, the team announced a new IRC channel, #aokp-support, for any problems that you may have with the ROM. Even better still, the AOKP team says that there is a reworking of their website underway. It is promised to make the whole experience better and more streamlined.

Lastly, there is a call for device maintainers after their new build comes out. If you’re a developer looking to get in on the AOKP team and help to maintain and code for a certain device, the team has a checklist of what you need in their post.

Are you still running AOKP or have you moved on to another ROM for your daily driver?

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