Samsung Looks to Render Apple Patent Useless with Mitsubishi’s Diamond Touch

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As we live out our day to day lives, Samsung and Apple have been at each other’s throats for the past few weeks in court, and the trial is beginning to finally wrap up. With things looking slightly in favor of Apple, Samsung presented evidence yesterday afternoon that could be their saving grace. Samsung’s lawyers had just finished questioning their second defense witness, a Mr. Adam Bogue who is a Mitsubishi engineer. According to Bogue, he demoed a piece of hardware called Diamond Touch to Apple engineers in 2003 which allowed users to shrink and expand images by grabbing and dragging their virtual corners. In essence, this is pinch-to-zoom as we know it today. 

Samsung’s case to the jury is that how can they be found guilty of copying patented technology when said technology shouldn’t have been granted a patent in the first place. Amazingly enough, Apple’s cross-examination of the witness yielded even crazier results. When asked who owns the Diamond Touch today, Bogue replied with “Quinn Emanuel.” Quinn, being the law firm that is presently representing Samsung in the trial, begins to wheel out the actual Diamond Touch model into the courtroom.

Can Diamond Touch help Samsung prove that Apple shouldn’t hold their patents in the first place, there by saving Sammy’s butt? After a couple more days of proceedings, it’s going to be up to a jury to decide. Below is a video of Diamond Touch in action almost 10 years ago, well before the iPhone was released with its patented technology. As described in the info of the video, it’s “not just multi-touch, it’s multi-user-touch.”

Via: BGR, Fortune



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