Pattrn is the New King of Android Wallpaper Apps

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One of the easiest ways to spruce up your homescreen is with a shiny new wallpaper. If you’re anything like me, you change your wallpaper constantly and are never truly content with what you have. With the launch of Pattrn, finding awesome images is now going to be a whole more entertaining. Pattrn is a very well-designed application that brings together a countless amount of community-created wallpapers that are inspired by patterns. No landscapes or cityscapes will be found here. It’s all about the patterns. 

Upon opening the app, you can decide whether or not you want Pattrn to choose a wallpaper for you and if so, how often it will change. When manually browsing the gallery, you can scroll through what the latest entries are, the popular section, and ones you have marked as favorites. When looking at an individual pattern, you can see each color used in that image and then refine your search based on a single color of your choice. For a wallpaper app, this is pretty revolutionary stuff right here.

This will certainly come in handy for our next “Show Off Your Homescreen” day. It’s free in Google Play so pick it up and let us know what you think.

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