The DROID X360: ICS-Powered PS Vita Device that Ships with Illegal Emulators

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One of the best things about Android is that it can be adapted to a lot of different hardware, but in the case of the DROID X360, it may not be such a good thing. The body of this device is clearly reminiscent of a PS Vita, the latest handheld from Sony, but with Ice Cream Sandwich taking the place of their proprietary Vita software, this isn’t your ordinary handheld gaming center. 

The device is said to come with 9 game emulators to make up for the lost PlayStation capabilities. It can run Nintendo64, “OG” Playstation, Gameboy and other games. Unfortunately for potential buyers, Google has been very harsh with emulators of any kind in the Google Play Store. If this device comes to light, it’s hard to believe that we will ever see it for sale in the States. This would get hit with so many legal suits that it would never even see stores. It’s a cool concept, merging great hardware with great software, but the approach leaves something to be desired.

Via: Ubergizmo



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