Retail Nexus 7 vs. I/O Nexus 7 [Pictures]

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A retail Nexus 7 showed up on my doorstep today, so I thought, “What the heck, let’s do a comparison to the one handed out at Google I/O.” As many of you know, the Google I/O edition comes in white and the retail edition is officially “brown” (at least according to the box). Other than that, the retail version has a silverish rim between the screen and the rear rubber backing. On the white version, its a black top, black rim, and then the white backing. The “brown” back of the retail version is already showing a few fingerprints from holding it, while the white version does a great job of hiding sweat marks. With that said, the white one will show scuffs or stains much more than the brown. 

The microphones, camera, pin connectors, headphone jack, and microUSB port are all in the exact same places. These two devices are exact replicas, but in different colors. In a way, this situation is similar to the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX, which are identical aside from their different battery sizes, only these have the same battery, just different color schemes. They run identical software builds, have matching kernels, and will receive updates at the exact same time.

And that’s pretty much that, just wanted to share.

Which one would you prefer to have if you had a choice?



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