Should We be Worried About the Bootloader on Verizon’s Galaxy S3?

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Oh boy, not the way we wanted to end a week. Not only that, but this is definitely not the conversation we wanted to have as thousands of Galaxy S3 pre-orders from Verizon are about to arrive. Unfortunately, we have to go there to make sure you all know what you are about to get yourselves into.

As you know, a handful of lucky pre-orderees received their Galaxy S3s early, and as you would expect, are putting them through the early development and rooting paces. So far though, they have had zero luck. Upon trying to use any of the previous GS3 root methods, none have been successful thus far. And when I say “previous,” I’m talking about the Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile versions, which have all been rooted. From what I have gathered, the device is unable to flash unsigned boot.img and recovery.img files. 

We could be talking about a locked bootloader here, but before we freak out, let the device get in the hands of more people. By early next week, or even the end of the weekend, we should know more on the status of rooting the Verizon Galaxy S3 and how nasty its bootloader is.

My gut tells me that everything will be fine in a short matter of time. Most devs have been down this road before with one device or another. Look how long it took the Rezound to get S-OFF? The fact is that it still got it. And also, this isn’t a Motorola phone, it’s a Samsung. Try to relax. We’ll keep you updated.

Update:  Root has been obtained.

Via:  XDA

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