Bloomberg: Amazon is Planning to Make an Android Powered Smartphone

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What would you say to Amazon building an Android powered smartphone? Would you be interested? According to a report out of Bloomberg, Amazon has already pegged Foxconn as the builder, is trying to lock down patents for protection from you-know-who, and would allow them to add another device to their Kindle Fire approach of pricing low, but hoping to make tons of money in the end off of media sales. No other information was given, and as always, the sources are anonymous.

Personally, I’d welcome it with open arms. While I probably wouldn’t buy one myself, since Amazon completely butchers Android as on OS, look what the Kindle Fire did for the tablet market. Nexus 7, anyone? If Amazon were to take a similar approach with a smartphone, and say sell it unlocked for ultra cheap, could that potentially change a part of the industry again? Maybe.


Via:  Bloomberg

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