Friday Poll: Favorite New Android Apps of the Last Month?

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It has been a while since we last asked you to share some of the Android app gems that you discovered along the way, so let’s get back on that train and do that today. Over the last few months, the stream of newly released quality Android apps seems to be as steady as ever. We now have apps likeĀ Instagram, Flipboard in beta, and a bunch of quad-core optimized games. Developers really seem to be accepting Android now, more than ever.

So what has popped onto your radar as of late that we should all check out? For me personally, I’ve found myself using Pocket (formerly Read It Later) a lot since the rebranding, Flipboard for casual news reading, Alarm Clock Ultra because waking up in the morning should be fun, and Total Commander as my new file manager for its power and utilities.

Any other suggestions?



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