Thursday Poll: Motorola Owners – Are You Using Smart Actions? Which Ones?

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One of the top selling points for Motorola’s current lineup of phones has been their Smart Actions app. For those not familiar, think of Smart Actions as an app that tries to help streamline your life, make tasks happen automatically, and potentially extend your battery life. In a lot of ways, it’s like Taskr or Setting Profiles in that it allows you to set up profiles or activities that trigger actions on your phone. Leave home for work every day at 8AM? Smart Actions may recommend that you have it automatically turn off WiFi and launch Google Maps. When you arrive at work, Smart Actions could recognize the location and toggle WiFi back on help save battery while you are away from a charger. Make sense?

We want to know if the Motorola users in the building are taking advantage of these though. Have you found any of the Smart Action recommendations to be helpful? Is your battery lasting longer? Is the app annoying? Answer the poll briefly, and then tell us which actions you have found to be most beneficial in the comments.

Are You Using Smart Actions?

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