Samsung Ships More Smartphones in Q1 Than Apple and 6x as Many as HTC, Motorola Fails to Make the List

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The IDC posted a report this morning with their estimates for global smartphone shipments for Q1 of 2012 and the numbers might shock you. We already know that Samsung took over the top spot from Nokia as number one mobile manufacturer in the world, but this gives us a visual representation of their dominance.

In Q1, Samsung shipped 42.2 million smartphones across the globe, topping everyone including Apple who totalled 35.1 million. In Q1 of last year, Samsung only shipped 11.5 smartphones, which is a quarter of this year’s Q1 numbers and a 267% change year-over-year. The most shocking number though, might be the comparison to HTC’s quarter which shows a shipment of 6.9 million phones, a number 6x lower than Sammie’s. Or to top even that comparison, we could point out that Motorola and LG aren’t even on the list. Yikes.

So going into 2012, the smartphone battle is a two horse race. Samsung has started to reach Apple-status, with ridiculous amounts of buzz and rumor leading up to the release of this year’s Galaxy model, similarly to what happens when a new iPhone is on the way. It’s exciting to see an Android OEM turn into such a behemoth, but then again, we like competition. Do work Moto and HTC.

Via:  IDC



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