Samsung Galaxy SIII Only to be a “Minor” Upgrade Over Its Predecessor?

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Uh oh, someone is out to spoil our fun this morning. According to sources who spoke with CNET UK, the “next Galaxy” is only going to be a minor upgrade over the Galaxy SII. We may see a speed boost in processor, but we are supposed to expect an iPhone 4 to 4S improvement rather than a complete game changer. Samsung may also change up the naming convention and use something other than “Galaxy SIII.”

What doesn’t make sense to me about those statements, is that the Galaxy Note and all of the HD variants of the Galaxy SII are already “minor” upgrades to the original. How could you go more┬áminor? While the 1080p display rumor that is flying around seems highly unlikely, I wouldn’t be surprised if the phone rocked a quad-core Exynos processor, which doesn’t necessarily fall in the minor category. Well, let me take that back. If you think about it after a processor bump, what else could be all that major? At this point in the smartphone game, we have seen HD screens, high-end cameras, and super fast processors, so maybe on paper, things do look “minor.” I would still be surprised if this phone doesn’t “Wow!” us all though.




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