Looking For Tweegram on Android? It Doesn’t Exist, but Textgram Will Get You Similar Results

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If you became an Instagram user once it was released on Android, then you probably noticed images popping up from our iOS counterparts through an app call Tweegram. ┬áThe app itself allows you to type out a Tweet and then post it onto a square background that can then be submitted as an image to Instagram. It’s a pretty silly idea actually and one that I will likely never understand. But it is what it is, and people seem to love it. If you were looking for it though, you won’t find it on Android just yet. Tweegram is an exclusive to iOS, which in other words means it’s like a country club for the elite and not for us poor people.

Don’t worry, you do have an option and it’s called Textgram. It works exactly the same as Tweegram from my understanding, is free, and already has close to 500,000 downloads. So there you have it – get to Tweeting filtered Tweets…weird.

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