Couch to 5K App Comes to Android

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If you have been struggling to get your buns off the couch and somewhat in shape before the summer hits, training for a 5K is not a bad way to start. If you are looking for a program to help get you there, then the “Couch-to-5K” running plan by Cool Running is probably your best bet if you haven’t done an ounce of athletic activity for a number of years. As someone who took years off from running due to old basketball injuries, I needed something to kick start a training program last year, that would lead up to a Warrior Dash. This was one of the programs I pulled pieces from. While I didn’t follow the program exactly, I kanged its interval approach until I was comfortable at holding my own pace again. A year later and it’s 10Ks, baby.

The one thing that I had wished was available back then was an Android app, so that I didn’t have to manually keep track of which week I was on and which day of training was up. This app apparently takes care of all of that. It tells you the workout for today, times workouts using their interval system, tracks routes via GPS, syncs music playlists, and even lets you pick a coach. It looks super cheesy in that picture above, but the system itself is not if you are literally coming from the couch and wanting to run again.

Also, the information is all free at Cool Running’s site, this is just an app to streamline it. Get to runnin’.

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