HTC Wants You to Know that They Listen, Their “One” Series is All About You

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So far, it looks like Verizon customers are not going to experience the HTC One series, and that’s a damn shame. In 2012, no other line of phones has been introduced that can even compare to what HTC has created. The phones are brilliant to look at, include the best cameras in the mobile world, and are apparently a product of you. That’s right, in their latest promo for the One series, HTC wants you to know that they listen and have learned from each and every one¬†of you. They aren’t just another company that is out to brag about themselves. No, they want to be a part of your lives and make something important. And yes, we are still talking about smartphones and not world peace.

Again, Verizon is likely to release the Incredible 4G with unimpressive specs, while AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint will all be a part of the One series. The amazing commercials like the one up top will not be a part of your Big Red lives. Sad, so sad.

Or maybe VZW will ditch the name “Incredible 4G” and instead call it the “HTC Incredible ONE.” Of course, in order to use a 2012 name, they would have to ditch the 2011 specs inside for something at least up to date.



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