Facebook Dad aka Tommy Jordan Sells DROID RAZR on eBay for $5100

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Facebook Dad. What a story this turned into. Everyone familiar with it? A guy named Tommy Jordan found a nasty little Facebook message that his 15 year old daughter had posted, which eventually led to him putting 8 bullet holes in her laptop. The message had to do with chores around their house, other teen drama, money and a whole other mess of silliness. It’s classic teenage me-against-the-world stuff. The video was called “Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen” and instantly went viral. The video now stands at over 31 million views.

So Mr. Jordan has now taken to eBay to pawn off a bunch of his stuff to help charity and make some money on what is sure to be short-lived fame. One of his items was a DROID RAZR that he ended up selling for $5100. Yep, a $649 phone sold for over $5K. Again, part of that is going to charity, but damn that’s a lot of money for a regular ol’ 16GB RAZR.

If want to watch his now-famous video, we have it below. 

Cheers Nathaniel!



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