Samsung China President: Galaxy SIII Could Launch in April

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Galaxy SIII! Galaxy SIII! Galaxy SIII! Hey, at least this time a real Samsung executive has attached his name to the comment. That’s right, the president of Samsung in China, Kim Young-Ha, was kickin’ it in front of reporters this week to talk about their accelerated growth into China. During that conversation, he brought up the idea that the follow-up to the Galaxy SII could launch as early as April. But wait, didn’t Samsung already deny an April rumor? Indeed they did. So what the hell is Young-Ha talking about? Who knows. It just shows you that this device is as big of a mystery to execs of the company making it as it is to you and I.

And new “official exclusive leaked press photo” in 5…4…3…2…

Via:  The Verge

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