Oh Boy, Another Supposed Galaxy SIII “Official” Press Photo Shows Up – Come Laugh at It

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Shake your heads with me. Yes, another “leak”of the Samsung Galaxy SIII happened some time last night by Dutch site GSM Helpdesk. It’s probably fake, actually, it is more likely fake than real, but it looks similar to one of the photos from this past weekend, so let’s discuss it. (While laughing hysterically at it.)

Will the real Galaxy SIII end up looking like this? Sure, why not. Do we believe that this is the official press photo of it? Not really. The entire image set on this render was taken from last year’s Galaxy SII and then tweaked just enough in the calendar to give off the impression that it is for the SIII. I would certainly hope that Samsung would be a little more creative than that.

Not a bad troll effort. Just not good enough.

Via:  GSM Helpdesk, The Verge

Cheers Nadeem and everyone else!



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