Google Prepping Semantic Search Results, Will Make Google Assistant That Much Smarter

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Search, the cornerstone that Google is built on is getting ready to receive an overhaul pretty soon. Coming “over the next months” are semantic search results that can tell what you are looking for based on how and where you type it. The difference between searching for “an apple” or the the company Apple will be more apparent to the search engine and should make things much easier to find.

Aside from using the search functions on our browsers, where can we expect to see this? Google Assistant will most certainly make use of this feature whenever it rolls out. It seems inevitable that the two become closely related because the applications primary function will be to find things for you. One of the biggest complaints of Siri is that she is a “dumb search engine” that doesn’t always recognize what the user is looking for. Could this give Google the leg up in the voice actions department?

Via: PhoneArena



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