Thursday Poll: Nexus Owners – Do OTA Updates Matter?

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For the last half hour or so, we have been poking fun at the idea that the Nexus line of phones is being left behind in the race to have the most current build of Android. Sure, we have seen a 4.0.3 update appear for all of 2 hours for the Nexus S before being pulled and a 4.0.4 build leak for the Galaxy Nexus, but “officially” the highest build on a Nexus is 4.0.2.

This conversation got started because the HTC Sensation is seeing 4.0.3 with Sense in some Euro countries and Samsung just announced that the global Galaxy SII will see 4.0.3 this weekend. That would “officially” put two devices ahead of any Nexus when it comes to the most current version of Android. See anything wrong with that?

But as we cracked on this ridiculous idea, some of the responses touched on the fact that OTA updates are meaningless to many Nexus owners. What they are referring to, is the openness of these devices that allow you to flash custom software and run just about anything you choose rather than staying on the official track. Tough to tell if this is the majority stance though, so that is where today’s poll comes in. Do OTA updates matter to you on your Nexus?

Do OTA Updates Matter?

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