Google Ups Android Market App File Size Limits to 4GB, Gives You Until App Fully Downloads Before Starting Refund Period

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For a couple of years now, especially when downloading big 3D games, users have had to download an app or host file of sorts from the market and then take extra time to download the actual content of the game ¬†through that host app which can be upwards of 1-2GB. The problem from a consumer perspective, was that the 15-minute refund window for apps started once this initial app was downloaded. But by the time you finished downloading the rest of the meaningful content (that 1-2GB) that would allow you to use the app, your window might have expired. So should you decide that the app was a waste of money, you would simply be out of luck and unable to get a refund if your download didn’t finish fast enough for you to test the app.

As of today, that changes completely. The Android team announced that developers now have the option of uploading two “expansion” files of up to 2GB in size each (4GB total for the math majors in the building). This essentially means that developers won’t have to host their apps outside of the market for you to download. This also means that your refund window will not start until these expansion files have finished¬†downloading. Cool, right?

The standard file limit size remains at 50MB.

If you are a developer and need more dirty details on this, hit up the source link below.

Via:  Google Developers



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