Google’s Newest Invention Is A Gesture-Based Search Feature, To Be Used On New Devices

Another upcoming patent application submitted by Google has been broken down in detail by Patently Apple. The newest submission is a gesture-based search feature that is reported to launch on upcoming devices. Basically, you draw a letter which equals a command, then circle the content which you want the command to base its process on in a single motion. So draw a “G” then circle a word or picture and it will show the Google results for that content.

You can draw different gestures/letters to mean different things. For example, in the picture below, you can draw a “W” which would represent searching something on¬†Wikipedia. You can do this for many different types of commands and we’re thinking that the gestures won’t be limited to just letters, but any gesture you may want to use.¬†

Sound like something you would be using on the daily? Of course, this is just an initial filing so we probably have a long ways to go before we see this on our Jelly Bean devices.

Via: Patently Apple



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