Verizon To Introduce API Allowing For Customers To ‘Turbo Boost’ Their Bandwidth

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Imagine you are video chatting with friends or relatives and you start to feel your connection become laggy and the video turns choppy. Don’t you wish there was a button you could press to make all of those slow network issues disappear when it matters most? Verizon is looking to launch an API that will do just that. Every time you want to see a boost in data speed/connection, simply pay a small fee and press the turbo button on your screen.┬áThe pay-per-use system will then give your device “priority” at times when Verizon’s network is congested.

To make this work, Verizon is said to be publishing a “network optimization API” around the third quarter of next year that app developers will need to use in order for it to work with their apps. Would this service be something anyone would be willing to pay for? There are no mentions of price, but how much could it possibly be? Maybe $5 every time you want to be Verizon’s number one priority? Weigh in down below.

Via: PC Mag



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