New HTC Thunderbolt 2.11.605.5 RUU Released, Fixes Major Bugs From the Last Update

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At this point it’s no secret that the HTC Thunderbolt‘s Gingerbread update was not of the highest quality and was eventually pulled. Google Talk with Video didn’t work, it broke notifications for voicemails, and had all sorts of SMS and weather syncing issues. Let’s also not forget about that security vulnerability that a number of HTC devices were found to have, including the Tbolt. Owners of the device have been more-than-frustrated to say the least.

As of today though, it’s looking like a new update is inching closer that will fix all of those previously mentioned bugs. A new RUU has leaked as build 2.11.605.5. It can be flashed by everyone including non-rooted users. Just remember that this will wipe your device clean – you will lose everything.  


1.  Download this file and rename it to
2.  Drop the file onto the root of your SD card, meaning it is not in a folder.
3.  Power down your device.
4.  Hold Volume Down + Power to boot into the bootloader.  (Quick boot from the market also works)
5.  Your phone should recognize the file. Follow the on-screen instructions.
6.  Once everything finishes, choose the option to reboot.  Enjoy!

For those not interested in losing everything, keep it close. This update may be available before long.

Via:  Android Police



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