Friday Poll: Preferred smartphone lock switch location?

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In the mini-review of the DROID Bionic that I wrote up this morning, a fun conversation was started over one of the subjects that was briefly touched on.  I brought up the fact that the top left lock switch drives me nuts, but quickly found out that many of you actually prefer it.  Some of us are one-handed thumb smartphone users, while others may hold their device in another hand while using a finger from their other as a pointer.  So for right-handed users that actually end up holding their device more in their left, may tend to like left-sided lock switches.  Me on the other hand, holds all phones in my right hand and prefer right or on-the-side lock switches (thanks Samsung!).

So today’s poll is really more silly than anything, but wanted to know which side do you prefer a lock switch to be on.  Left top, right top, or on the side?

Prefer left, right, or side lock switches?

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