Custom Theme Friday: RaidZero Delivers The Entire Color Spectrum For “NRG”

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Just a couple weeks ago I showed you the newest theme to hit the streets by Paul aka “RaidZero“. Well, he is now offering all the major colors for everyone’s downloading delight on the Android Market. I have been fortunate enough to test and try out all the different colors, and they are definitely going to stay on my phone for a while. 

There are almost too many colors to choose from, but I suppose if I had to choose one, it would have to be purple, or blue. Which color you get is up to you, but you might as well get them all. They are sure to turn some heads at the next office meeting, and only run $1 a pop.

All these themes have been made for the Theme Manager based on CyanogenMod ROMs. If you have any questions, ask below and our wonderful community can answer them. Paul is always checking the comments, so feel free to shoot color requests and he might oblige. Enjoy, everybody!

Cheers Paul!



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