Apple Now Attempts to Take Down the Motorola XOOM, Our Eyes Couldn’t Possibly Roll Harder

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Here we go again…Apple attacking another company.  Can we go at least one day without them filing some sort of intellectual property claim/suit/infringement/whatever you want to call it, against another competitor?  Today’s recipient is Motorola.  And here is me yawning.  And rolling my eyes.  And laughing at how comical this has become  I actually have nothing else to say, which is odd.  I’m just so sick of Apple trying to bully every other tech company in the world out of releasing products that compete with theirs.  As we seem to be saying a lot these days – here’s to hoping that governments continue to be pro-innovation and not pro-douche whiner.

Bleh.  Bleh.  And more bleh.

Via:  BGR

Cheers Eric!



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