We Still Aren’t Sure if @MDB228 is Real, But He Says August 4 for DROID Bionic

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We have no idea if this @MDB228 account is real or not, but he’s provided a ton of entertainment over the last week or so.  After creating the most epic of forum posts, he went ahead and created a Twitter account to help his cause for either the biggest DROID troll in history or what some believe to be Verizon’s next viral campaign.  We’re not ready to buy into it being official just yet, but what has become clear, is his insistence that the DROID Bionic will launch on August 4.  This latest tweet is a good example.

Not following?  Looks to me like a countdown in seconds.  There are 86,400 seconds in a day, so if you multiply that out to August 4 from right now, it equals his number.  Clever, right?  I think he can do better.

And by the way, we still wouldn’t be shocked to see this phone come out on 9/1 and are not 100% into 8/4 at all.

What do you guys think – are we buying into MDB228?



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