Digital Copies of Blu-ray Titles Finally Headed to Android Thanks to Twentieth Century Fox

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Starting to look like our days of having no awesome movie options could be coming to an end as Twentieth Century Fox and Android are teaming up to bring us some Blu-ray bundle deals. Sure we have Netflix, and Hulu, but am I wrong in saying that most of their titles for streaming aren’t that good? Hopefully adding the power of Blu-ray will be another way to get the titles we actually want on our Android devices.

It’s reported that the first offering from Fox will be the new X-Men movie. When purchasing the Blu-ray, you just download the movie onto the computer, place it on the phone and you’re then free to enjoy it anywhere you like. Sounds easy enough, and we’re hoping there are even better/more titles to come.

If you happen to be a Blu-ray lover and don’t mind spending the extra cash on a movie, then this will be right up your alley. Not too bad, am I right? Anyone here excited for this news, or is buying a Blu-ray not worth the hassle?

Via: TechCrunch



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