Tuesday Poll: Have Your Device Needs Changed At All in the Last Few Months?

It seemed like a dual-core processor in a device was the absolute necessity at the beginning of the year, but now it appears to be moving towards 4G LTE?  Many of you passed on the DROIDX2 and DROID3 simply because they lacked the ability to access Verizon’s new super-speedy network.  The DROID Bionic on the other hand, will finally give us a taste of both of those together, which we are hoping is a sign of things to come from all manufacturers going forward.  But what if we still see phones with single-core processor and 4G radios?  Is there a specific feature that is still clearly number 1 in your book?  Does a phone simply need to be unlocked for you to entertain it?  Is it the screen size?  You tell us.

What feature can you not live without when buying a new phone?

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