Best Buy Sort of Offers Up HTC Flyer with Free $80 Stylus Pen

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There were a lot of confused souls when the HTC Flyer was announced for the U.S. without a stylus digital pen.  The Scribe technology that came built in was one of the major selling points for this 7″ tablet, so to ask customers to purchase the pen to take advantage of it separately was a little odd.  Well as of today, Best Buy is looking to push some additional units by offering up the device with a pen included at no additional charge.  That’s right – the $80 pen will now be included with your Flyer for free…sort of.

The package you are seeing above has popped up on BBY’s site, only it may have been activated a little too early.  You see, I was able to add it to my cart early, but the actual page for the Flyer + Pen seems to have disappeared.  Feel free to try the “Buy” link below though – this is a pretty good deal.


Via:  UnwiredView



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