DROIDX2 Allows for Certain Bloatware Removal

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We’re still putting the DROIDX2 through a few more tests before we drop a review, but we were just tipped to one thing that will surely be receiving some positive marks:  bloatware removal.  As you all know by now, unremovable software is not on our list of favorite things, so when we see a device that actually lets you block it from existence, we get a little excited.  And even if the files are still on the phone tucked away in /system/app we’re OK with that, because at least they are out of sight.  Even non-anal Android users should appreciate this gesture, shouldn’t they?  We’d love to reach out and thank one of the companies involved who made this decision, but one of them would need to step forward and take the credit.  Anyone?

So you know though, not all of the bloatware on the DX2 is removable.  City ID (at least not yet), Blockbuster, Slacker and the VCAST stuff are there to stay, but all of the games like NFS Shift and Let’s Golf can be hidden uninstalled.

Cheers Lonnie!



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