Qualcomm Starts Hyping New Dual-core Processors, Developer Phone Available

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We’re currently only able to enjoy NVIDIA’s dual-core processors in phones and tablets at this point, but Qualcomm wants to make sure you aren’t forgetting about what they have in store, the MSM8660.  This would be Qualcomm’s first dual-core processor, but one that is the world’s first a-synchronous processor meaning each core can operate at up to 1.5GHz.  This is an insane amount of power here, but it’s only getting better.

Qualcomm is offering up this new 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon to developers in their new MDP (Mobile Developer Platform) unit, so that you can begin to optimize games and other apps before this chip hits consumer units.  Calling it a “beast” is an understatement.  Along with the new MSM8660, the device has their new Adreno 220 GPU, 13MP camera, HDMI-out, and runs Gingerbread.  Now, it may not be the prettiest of devices, but who wouldn’t want to take a spin with an unreleased dual-core processor?  Oh, it’ll cost you $1350 though.  You can see a full preview of the device in the video at the top.

Down below though, you are getting a quick look at how Snapdragons handle Flash video better than anyone else, plus you’ll see the future of 1080p on-device playback through the MDP.  Even Qualcomm knows how to hypebeast.  +1  




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